We’re proud to announce that Alstonville Dental has successfully completed Cynergex training in Management of Medical Emergencies.

The course covers the following areas:

  1. Identify the most common medical emergencies affecting patients, using a risk management approach;
  2. Manage the immediate care of medical emergencies utilizing a practice management system;
  3. Apply techniques and protocols consistent with current emergency medical guidelines for pre-hospital care;
  4. Refer the patient to further appropriate care.


It’s your money, your teeth and your health

Complex dental treatment can sometimes come at a high cost. Depending on the circumstances, some Aussies consider getting their treatment overseas to get a ‘free’ holiday out of their dental treatment instead of having it done at home. But what are the risks? Is there a reason dental treatment is significantly cheaper in the developing world? Is it worth the risk?

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It’s Your Choice

May 18, 2014

These days most people can choose which dentists will provide their dental care.

However, some health funds are attempting to force their members to see the health funds’ dentist of choice. Some funds call these dentists preferred providers or participating providers. They are contractually bound to that health fund.

The Australian Dental Association (ADA) believes that maintaining patient choice is a crucial element to providing high standards of dental care.

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