About Alstonville Dental

About Alstonville Dental

Our team of dentists and allied staff are here to provide you with professional and expert dental care. We aim to make your visit to the dentist as comfortable as possible, showing care and consideration to your individual needs, and to promote your optimal dental health. We will need you to answer some confidential medical and lifestyle questions that will assist us to personalise your treatment requirements and preventative strategies. You can download our new patient form here, to fill in and and hand in to us.

Our Mission Statement

We aim to provide quality dental care and lifelong dentistry for patients in a friendly, caring environment. We will restore function, comfort and aesthetics with trust, respect and compassion, dignity and satisfaction for all the family.

Your oral health is an important part of your general health. We are what we eat and we need good teeth for good nutrition to give us fuel for our everyday needs. Likewise, our eating habits and lifestyle can impact on the health of our teeth. There are also many complex inter-relationships between our oral health and body systems that are becoming better understood with time and research. Modern dentistry is dependent on diagnosis and prevention to maintain your smile, appearance and ability to chew comfortably. We will first relieve pain and discomfort, then accurately diagnose your oral health needs. This involves data collection of various forms. Visual dental examination, palpation and tension testing of teeth, charting of your dentitions history, impressions of your teeth to make stone models of them, radiographic examination, photographs, intra and extra-oral, saliva testing, bacteriological testing, periodontal health and charting, assessment of occlusion and health of your jaw joints, oral medicine and pathology screening, orthodontic assessment as well as cosmetic evaluations are routinely done when indicated both when necessary or asked about. Ongoing maintenance of your dental health is also crucial to its long-term success. Ongoing preventive appointments are encouraged with regular examinations. Reminders for these appointments can be organised by mail, email, SMS, phone or booking well in advance. Please discuss this with our reception staff as to what best suits you.

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