Children are assessed and monitored over time as their jaws grow and teeth erupt and develop. Minor tooth movements can be accomplished by our dentists, as well as correction of simple crossbites. However, complicated orthodontic treatment is best carried out by a specialist who can provide comprehensive care. We are fortunate to have a number in our area which we are able to refer to.

Dr Roger Peate, orthodontist, visits our rooms once a month for one and a half days and has done so for 30 plus years. He is a practical, gentle and accomplished orthodontist who has the benefit of years of experience in his field and his team is very easy to work with. We have developed a good team approach to the many facets of multi-disciplinary care that arise in many cases. It is possible for us to take the x-rays that the orthodontist will need for his initial diagnosis here at the practice, saving you from having to visit a radiology centre.

Generally, children are able to start with orthodontic bands once all or most of their permanent teeth have erupted, which is usually between the ages of 12 and 14. Interceptive treatment, which aims to minimise potential problems, can often be carried out at an earlier age.

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