Our Doctors

Dr Richard Redmayne

Dr Richard Redmayne enjoys treating the wonderful North Coast community of
patients that have been loyal and focused on achieving better health outcomes. He
is excited about the evolving advances that modern Dentistry provides and is proud
to have facilitated improved dental health within the community.
As the principal Dentist at the practice for over 36 years Dr Redmayne takes delight
in observing the expansion of the practice base as well as the diversity of treatments
provided. He is privileged to work with colleagues and staff that are loyal, caring,
conscientious and diligent to our patient needs.


Dr Redmayne regularly attends bi-annual congresses and trade shows as well as many other conferences to keep abreast of the latest technology, dental products, equipment and techniques. The evolution of dental science, materials and technology makes dentistry more comfortable for patients, more productive and generates spectacular results. For example, the use of CADCAM technology (same day crowns) enable durable and quality restorations and EMS Airflow provides superior cleaning and dental hygiene – Both have been outstanding additions which have benefited patients greatly.

Dr Redmayne is married to Robyn and has 3 graduate adult children whom all attended Alstonville Schools and participated in a myriad of local sporting associations. Having retired from Apex, Dr Redmayne now enjoys Alstonville Rotary as well as tennis, swimming, cricket, walking, and gardening.

Richard is a passionate independent dentist and enjoys the freedom to treat patients individually according to their requirements and wishes, without the obligations of corporatised dentistry. His Practice is centred on patient needs and providing exceptional dental care.

Prevention has always been the focus of Dr Redmayne’s dental care. Minimally invasive, biomimetic restorative dentistry as well as Prosthodontics; in particular implant restorations, and treatment planning have particularly engendered his interest.

Recently Richard has attended seminars and lecture programs delivered by respected clinicians; Dr Pascal Magne, Dr Andrew Dillon, Dr Graeme Milicich, Dr Gerald Clausen, and Dr Gordon Christensen, which have also contributed to an evolving philosophy of enhanced dental care. Increased knowledge provides greater confidence in new materials and techniques which contributes to the improved health of patients – always our absolute goal.