Extractions and Minor Oral Surgery

On occasion, teeth are unable to be restored and need to be removed. This can be for a variety of reasons, such as gross decay, infection, structural weakness, fractures or at an orthodontist’s request. Usually this can be done under local anaesthesia in the dental chair depending on the root structure of the tooth/ teeth, medical history and medications of the patient and the ability of the patient to cooperate.

Inhalation sedation (happy gas) is available to help relax nervous patients, and in some cases a referral for intravenous sedation or general anaesthesia may be necessary, such as for extraction of impacted wisdom teeth.


A full medical history is necessary, as well as radiographs to assess the situation. It is important to plan what is going to happen to the space created by the tooth extraction. Sometimes it can be left as a space, other times replacement with a prosthetic tooth is necessary, especially if the gap is at the front of the mouth. If an implant is needed it may be important to graft the area to preserve the bony support prior to implant placement.

We have a good array of instruments to carefully remove teeth with minimal trauma to surrounding tissues. Where possible, teeth that are difficult to remove are sectioned to reduce trauma. Sometimes a surgical procedure is necessary for removal of difficult teeth/roots. This usually involves an incision, bone removal and stitches.

A range of other surgical procedures can be carried out at Alstonville Dental should they be necessary, such as removal and biopsy of benign growths, orthodontic surgical procedures, frenectomies and removal of wisdom teeth.

Referral to a specialist Oral Maxillo Facial surgeon for more complex cases is normal. We have access to a number of these both locally and on the Gold Coast. Referral elsewhere can be arranged if this is more convenient.

Here at Alstonville Dental we are experienced in the handling of facial infections. Sudden facial swellings can arise as a result of an infected tooth or around an erupting wisdom tooth. This can be frightening for all concerned, and we endeavor to see you as soon as possible under these circumstances. Our reception staff know to prioritise these cases, as infection can spread quickly and sometimes requires hospitalisation.